Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sab Chalta hai

We Indians have very short memory ,We are very rarely passionate about anything in life and any show of passion doesnt last long be it in personal life or public life not even 2 month passed after 26-11 We have people like Sanjay Dutt entering in public life as SP candidate from Lucknow ,Same Sanjay Dutt Who some years back was convicted under TADA but is now free bird thanks to shrewd lawyers like Mr Ram Jethmalani

The Crime committed by Sanjay Dutt even innocently as he claims doesnt make him fit to hold any public office ,Please remember he was accused of keeping not only AK -56 guns but also some grenades and other weapons ,which were later used by terorist in Mumbai bomb blast

Unfortunately the people who died in those blasts were faceless middle class

I wonder How the same public would have reacted ,has 26/11 terrorist used Dutts house for storing their fire power

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