Monday, January 26, 2009


Watched RD parade on TV today This year most of the army contigents were represented by highlanders regiments ,We had Garwhwal rifles ,Kumaon regiment ,Gurkha rifles .Ladakh Scout together for the first time on RD parade

Highlanders have been great martial race not only in India but across the world be it Scots ,Mongols ,Gurkhas

For the last couple of years Uttrakhand state in India has been sending highest number of youngsters to defence services I belive the reasons for this are many
.Uttrakhand state is the only state which has 2 regiments beloning to it Garwhwal and Kuamon regiments
IMA the priemer officer training institue of Indian Army is located in Dehradun Capital of Uttrakhand
Since British era these regiments have been highly regarded and rewarded these regiments have glorious history of battle honours across all the major theatres of war starting from WW-1 to current Kargil where crucial battle of Muskosh and Drass were fought by Garhwalis
People of Uttrakhand take pride in joining army ,Hill people being simple folks adapt easily to the disciplined and straight life of army

Its no wonder that 2 of the Ashok Chakra awardees for this year belong to Uttrakhand Hav Gajendra Singh Bisht NSG commando who sacrificed his life in 26/11 Nariman opearation and Inspector MC sharma who lost his life battling terrorist in Batla House in Jamia Nagar

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