Monday, May 4, 2009

Mayawati as PM

With elections fever on various debates are on the Prime ministerial candidate .A study in US has shown that all the Presidential candidate or candidate who have finally become president had edge over their rival in physical aspect Malcom Gladwells book The Tipping Point gives interesting view on this ,Its no wonder that masses in India have tilt towards Gandhis who look more polished than the lot ,What chance not so polished Mayawati has not much I guess though I am no supporter of her but UP political choice is about choosing between devil and deep sea Any way I am of the opinion that even a lousy and lout politician with good vision can do lot of good for the society because he has power to do bring immense changes
Look at What Tau Devi Lals vision of making Gurgaon a Disney land has done to Gurgaons landscape ,He had vision Where He wanted that anyone landing at IG international airport should not be going towards Delhi but Gurgaon
Wrong politician If he follows his vision is good There are other like Laloo who visionise good thing but seldom follow because of presuure to play to the masses .Laloos speech at IIM A was full of grandoise vision the one which I like particulary is where is says that In India when We need to buy shoes We go to airconditioned shop but Wbe We buy vegetables We buy from filthy roadside vendor with all vegetables lying on the ground He says that He has vision of transforming the huge real estate on which Indian Railway sits into shopping arcades and malls good thought but no implementation maybe due to presssure from lobby which has encroached on vast railway land ,Encroachment on the railway is biggest theft in this country which is not in public eye ,you just have to look at teeming jhuggis ,shops at Mumbai subarban rail stations and track If you have travelled you would also see spinach farming right on the rail track (: now you know where u get your irons from .Lallo is credited of turning around railiways ,turning around business in monopolistic scenario is not big deal ,Railway can make twice the profit which it makes today ,If it focuses on utilisation and productivity just of give example more than 10 lac people travel daily in Indian rail How many passenger relatives entering platform buy platform tkts not even 10% why because most of the time there would be one tkt window and there will ne mile long queue you can either follow rule or miss your train why cant the railways put vending machines in all the platforms which can dispense tkts and also work as advertisement space now imagine RS 5 tkt multiplie by atleast 7-8 lacs passengers per day plus 1 lacs stations multiplied advertisement rent of 1000 Rs rent per day ,Why it will not do this because it will effect earnings of tkt babu whose sole duty is catch hold of 4-5 hapless passenger per day make his 200-300 bucks per day to supplement his 5-6000 salary which he gets from railway there is parallel economy running ,Railway happens to be largest employer in the world though we do not have the largest network in the world We are at number 2

Now going back to the initial question whether Mayawati is good PM material I am not sure but she can definitely do lot of good alonwith her bad political antics also

Again if you hear 3 Mayawati speeches and 3 speeches of Manmohan or Advani Maya has better content ,delivery and force ful delivery
Both Manmohan and Advani come across bumbling and confused in their speeches ,clarity of thought just doesnt shows ,Maybe both want to do some thing differnt in their heart but are forced by circumstances to act differently Gandhi in Manmohans case and RSS and internal politics in BJPs case .To counter its anti secular impression BJP should have adopted just one simple message India first Religion second that would have given better creditbility to their stand on secularism but with RSS plan of establishing Hindu Rashrtra from Afganishtan to Burma that looks remote possibility

Whosoeve wins I hope have some vision for the people of this country ,monor blemishes doesnt matter much then anway Power and Politics every where is same you have Berlusconi and Sarkozys to prove this