Monday, March 30, 2009

Girl Child Problem India

It is indeed very sad to see 2009 electiuons in India has heardly any agenda for political parties to discuss .Two of the serious problem afflicting India are female infanticide and system of caste discrimination which still exists in the minds of people It is easy to miss the issue when you happen to live in any big city of India but when you realise majority or population still lives in villages then magnitude of the problem looks grave ,you have to speak to some one from mofussil town of Bihar ,UP ,TN or Punjab

The problem of female infanticide has more to do with economic aspect .A girl child is consider burden in the family because she doesnt grows up to raise income in the family and secondly the curse of dowry is big drain on the family saving .To alleviate this problem some party shouldh come up with program which frees the family with back of the mind financil worry associated with bith of a girl child in the family .What the govt can do is when ever any girl is born in the family the family should be given a bond of Rs 1 lacs in the name of the girl born redeemable at attaining age of 18 years the condition should be that the parent has to produce 10th pass certificate and birth certificate at 18th year This will also encourage parent to take care of schooling of the girl child which is currently neglected in the family ,Doesnt looks bing drain on the govt finaces ,deposit 10000 Rs as soon as girl is born in the fund managed by professional fund managers I am sure making 10000 Rs grow to 1 lacs in 18-20years period should not be hard for a good fund manager .Any indian govt wastes ton of money in some silly wishful project eg being lown waiver to the tune iof 40000 crores for farmers ,clean water programs ,road programs most of the money which never reaches to the project or people for which it is intended Rajiv Gandhi once said onbly 10 paise of the 1 Rs spend by the govt reaches its intended recepient

Imagine what this will do to the education infrasturture ,It will grow ,Parents will be more demanding from the schools where teacher absenteeism is rampant ,Today teacher or school is not measure on any parameter ,What is better parameter for judging the school quality than the atendance and passpercentage of the students

What an educated mother can do for the childs future no other force can do in this world

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